The prized veteran who strongly interests the Lakers

With the free agency arriving, the Lakers will register many signatures in order to fill their workforce. If stars are still mentioned, a very popular veteran is very popular at the front office. Considering his relationship with LeBron James, we can say that it is largely playable.

Russell Westbrook now a member of the Lakers, summer has only just begun for the front office. The free agency will open its doors tomorrow, and we expect a lot of action. After all, the site is important in the City of Angels, with many players to recruit to balance this roster.

The good news is that Westbrook’s arrival encourages some to come and play for the Angelinos. The title window is important, and some veterans have understood that well for this summer. Coming to Los Angeles to try to win a ring? Many want it, including a star according to echoes!

But if the leaders want a full squad, they will also need very good players off the bench, and that’s where Carmelo Anthony’s name comes down. Free agent after another season at the Blazers, the former Knicks could join a title contender, Portland lacking the weapons to fight.

When we know his very close relationship with Lebron james, we say to ourselves that the two have already discussed the subject. Melo could come for the minimum, he who is probably betting on a final victory before retiring. The opportunity exists for this summer, it remains to be seen whether the winger will decide to leave Portland, which has been able to relaunch his career.

The Lakers are « very interested » in signing Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony at the Lakers is a rumor that comes up often in recent years. The association may take place, especially since LeBron James could facilitate all of this. First elements of response in the coming days.

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