The priority here is the market recovery for the Warriors!


Quite discreet in the market during the summer, the Warriors could try something before the recovery. But again, nothing very sensational, which will disappoint Steph Curry. At least we know the targeted position.

With two signatures in the last days, the Warriors have confirmed that the moves are not yet complete. The franchise is still looking for a backup by the start of the season, and Avery Bradley could be the man for the job. Like many other teams, it is the upcoming training camp that may or may not be a game-changer.

At the Dubs, Steph Curry seems in any case already frustrated. He said to himself that the leader would have liked to have a big reinforcement during the summer, especially since his front office had the weapons for. But for the money, the executives refused to make noise in the market, thus frustrating the star.

While waiting to know if this is true, we are curious to see the next movements of the franchise. As we said, it is not yet finished since according to Steve Kerr, a reinforcement is desired at the pivot position. Draymond Green is a fallback and James Wiseman will be slow to come back.

In journalist Tim Kawakami’s podcast, Kerr says:

I think the league has changed quite a bit. If we look at the last 6, 7 years, we have had a lot of pivots. But last season Draymond played too much in 5, even Juan (Toscano-Anderson) played as a pivot at times. The league seems to be turning to that more and more over the years.

A good solution for the Warriors? Green is in any case an asset in this position. However, GSW obviously wants to find an alternative:

We keep the pivots less and less, but if someone arrives tomorrow and plays great, then we will have to keep him. This is why the training camp is going to be very useful.

A reinforcement inside? This is the wish of the Warriors, who are still looking for the rare pearl. She might be found at training camp, although Steph Curry will be frustrated with the process. The lack of ambition is there at Golden State, and it doesn’t please.


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