The Premiership will return to five changes and abolish routine COVID testing.

PARIS, Mar. 31 (Benin News) –

Premiership clubs agreed on Thursday to allow five changes per game next season, a change to the rule adopted in May 2020 for the return of football after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

At a meeting of shareholders, the clubs agreed to the change to the rule, which remains in force in the rest of Europe’s major leagues. However, English football went back to three substitutions in the compact 2020/21 season, with some teams protesting that more changes favored top teams.

Likewise, other coaches have lamented that the return to the three changes is partly responsible for many injuries. In the current campaign there have been three in the Premiership, while in the FA Cup there have been five. Last October, the International Football Association Board recommended the five replacements.

The 20 Premiership clubs agreed on Thursday to return to the five changes and also set the summer transfer window from June 10 to September 1. Additionally, English football have adapted the coronavirus protocol to the current times and decided to stop regular COVID testing, which is carried out twice a week.

From April 4, the Premiership will only test those who show symptoms. “The wellbeing of players and staff remains a priority and the Premier League will monitor the national Covid-19 situation and adapt league-wide protocols as necessary,” the statement read.

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