The Premier League wants to step up its fight against racism

Two days before the resumption of the Premier League, Richard Masters, the general manager of the English league, spoke on Sky Sports, about discriminatory behavior in and out of the stadiums and the actions envisaged for the coming season. An issue which was already major across the Channel and which is even more so since the waves of racist insults suffered by some English internationals after the failure of the Three Lions in the Euro final.

He assured in the first place that « SIf you are caught using discriminatory language you may not only be banned from your own club, but from all Premier League pitches ”. Before continuing:  » Secondly, we do a lot of training with stewards and supporters to help them deal with these situations if they arise ”.

After Premier League and lower-division clubs went on a « social media strike » against insults and discriminatory behavior against players on the internet, the PL chief executive announced further measures in this domain : “We have a number of people dedicated to identifying these offensive posts, removing them, working with social media companies. […] Companies must step up their efforts and we have put pressure on them ”.

Arbitration will evolve

Another big issue for the coming season: refereeing. A source of tension after penalties were called for not necessarily obvious faults, the referees and video assistants will be scrutinized this year. « I think that in general, the referees will try to let the game run more, with a higher tolerance for faults […] and in particular in the penalty area ” explained the general manager.

Before concluding on the hottest subject, VAR. As expected, the imaginary line affixed to check if there is offside or not will be changed: “Regarding marginal offside, another thicker line will be placed above the starting lines and the forward will be given the benefit of the doubt. We believe up to 20 goals last season would have been awarded [si le système avait été en place] « .

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