The Premier League is doing better

The number of COVID-19 infections among Premier League players and staff has more than halved in the past week, with only 16 positive cases reported during of the last seven days.

For the fourth consecutive week and since December 5, the number of infections is at its lowest.

Between January 17 and 23, 6,221 tests were carried out on the players and staff of the 20 clubs in the competition, 16 of which tested positive.

However, the number of tests has halved compared to the previous week, where some 13,000 tests had been carried out.

Due to the impact of the omicron variant, clubs have stepped up measures against COVID-19 to prevent infection, with the use of masks indoors, observance of social distancing and increased testing.

In the UK, measures implemented in December to stifle the new variant will be phased out from January 27.

22 Premier League games, had to be postponed due to the upsurge in cases since the start of this health crisis.

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