The post of the Lakers on Russell Westbrook who panics the web!

With the franchises kicking off training camp in about a month, some players don’t plan on waiting that long to reunite. Like the Lakers, a few people are already back in the room, including Russell Westbrook, rumor or not. This is why the latest post on social networks ignites the web.

Already quoted on the departure for months, Russell Westbrook knows that the arrival of Patrick Beverley does not come to arrange his affairs. A new competitor for the position of leader? This is proof that the franchise was not necessarily very happy with the player’s contribution. A departure for Brodie is not yet certain, given that interest is relatively low, but we are heading towards this option according to The Athletic.

Trade or not, everything suggests that Westbrook will no longer wear the Purple and Gold jersey, except for a huge surprise and questioning before the start of training camp. You should never rule out anything in the NBA, as the Kevin Durant soap opera with the Nets has kindly reminded you. In addition, the latest shares of the Lakers account cast doubt on the side of social networks.

Russell Westbrook back at Lakers in training

In just under a month or so, the NBA franchises will return to the courts for training camp. The preparation for the regular season can begin, but as often, the teams do it in advance. The desire to win is present at the Lakers, since several players are in the room, including Westbrook. It can be seen in the latest videos and images of the Angelinos, on their Twitter account.

Should we see a sign there? Probably not, but it’s already proof that Westbrook is not snubbed on the networks. The player is still an integral part of this roster until further notice, and he intends to give his all, despite the rumors about him. If the will is present, it is quite possible that the Lakers decide to give him a chance, under the leadership of Darvin Ham.

Rumors or not, Russell Westbrook is back in training with the Lakers, determined to have a great season. It remains to be seen whether it will take place in Los Angeles, or perhaps elsewhere. But if the player shows such energy, anything is possible before the restart.

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