The Porsche 911 of a Swiss CEO crashes into a roundabout in Mandelieu

Funny place to park a Porsche. Especially with losses and noise!

Early this Thursday morning, many road users were surprised to see a 911 cabriolet immobilized on the Robinson roundabout, straddling the stone blocks of the roundabout, the front bumper flirting abusively with a trunk. No, it was not a new Christmas illumination! And the driver didn’t leave it there to play golf at night either!

Around 2 a.m., the owner of the car, coming from Mandelieu on the avenue de la mer, suddenly lost control of the vehicle as he approached the roundabout. Like a Range Rover 4X4 rather than a Porsche, the car climbed the embankment before finishing its race against the pine tree.

The driver leaves the scene before the arrival of the police

When the municipal police arrived on the scene, the driver had already left the place…in an Uber, without having to blow into the balloon. Less glorious but safer to return to his Cannes home in one piece.

Seized of the investigation, the gendarmes nevertheless verbalized this Swiss CEO of a large company for lack of control (i.e. a fine of 90 euros), who explained that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

And the municipal police carried out the removal of the vehicle to drive it directly to the pound. Considering the state, probably with a big discount at the Argus…

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