the poignant testimony of a father and his son fans of Liverpool and present during the fiasco


Three weeks after the events at the Stade de France during the Champions League final, Jade and Maxwell Pearce, two Liverpool supporters, returned to BFMTV on the dark evening of May 28.

Three weeks after the chaos that reigned at the Stade de France during the Champions League final, some supporters have not forgotten what happened. This is particularly the case of Jade and Maxwell Pearce, two Liverpool fans. The father and son returned to BFMTV on this dark evening of May 28.

« We went to Saint-Denis well in advance, around 1 p.m. There were a lot of groups and it was difficult to arrive. We went to a restaurant because we felt safer We headed for the stadium two and a half hours before kick-off, recalls Jade.

The father of the family evokes « an unpleasant experience » when approaching the Dionysian enclosure. « We were really scared. There were a lot of children, tense and angry people. There were people from the neighborhood around the stadium. There were also Liverpool fans who were very happy. The line did not was not moving forward. We waited an hour and people were starting to worry and get angry because they were afraid of missing the game. »

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“Maybe I could come back to France, but I would surely be very scared”

Jade Pearce adds that « people from the neighborhood jumped over the gates », while the police « ran in all directions » around the Stade de France. « We weren’t sure what she was doing. We were patiently waiting in line when we got gas. I felt myself crying, my son too. We tried to spray him with water to remove the gas. I didn’t see any violence all day because everyone was in a good mood. We had paid so much to see this, it was really the unique moment to be with my son. They (La police, ndlr) lost control , It looked like they had never seen this type of event « 

For his part, Maxwell was disappointed not to have seen the match, « even on television ». In the future, the young boy hopes to be able to return to France to attend such an important match, « but I would surely be very scared », he admits. Real and Liverpool supporters will also be heard this Tuesday in the Senate.


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