the Pogba affair rebounds again, an extortion attempt piloted from Dubai?

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The various cases that are shaking French football are in the news all the time now, and the one that is now called the Pogba affair keeps bouncing back. Since the extortion attempt was exposed, information continues to filter.

With in particular a question which is occupying the reflection of the police according to the Team, namely the way in which this villainous organization is piloted. During the robbery of Paul Pogba in an apartment in the Paris region last March, the midfielder raised an important point, namely that one of his relatives who ordered him to pay the sum of 13 million euros , would also have explained that all his entourage would be “in danger” if Paul Pogba did not pay, the so-called Roshdane K. ensuring to have “vouched” for the good payment of the star of Juventus.

Another team operating from Dubai?

As a result, the police are now investigating the scenario of an « other team », which would pilot the operation from much higher than this gang of robbers. Dubai would be particularly targeted, a track reinforced by the fact that one of the suspects in the case, according to the Sunday newspaper, has precisely escaped the dragnet of the police after having flown to the Emirates. The case has therefore not finished rebounding…

to summarize

The Paul Pogba affair has been in the news for several weeks, with new revelations about the organization of his extortion attempt. According to L’Equipe, a hierarchy could be hiding all the way to Dubai about this affair.

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