The Players Association launches a relief fund for workers

A financial assistance program dedicated to workers affected by the major league baseball lockout was launched by the Players Association on Friday morning.

This fund, worth $1 million, will be distributed to employees who work in the stadiums of the circuit as well as « others who face financial difficulties due to the lockout of team owners of the Major Leagues”, can we read in a press release.

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On Tuesday, commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the start of the regular season would be postponed, thus depriving workers other than players of their livelihood.

« There are a lot of people who make baseball a great sport, » said Players’ Association board directors Andrew Miller and Max Scherzer. Unfortunately, these people will also be affected by the lockout imposed by the owners and by the cancellation of games. We created this fund so that they understand that we support them.”

The Players’ Association has insisted that stadium workers are essential to the operation and success of the circuit.

« The plight of these employees has been ignored by the owners in their efforts to persuade the players to accept an offer that is not fair, » said Association Executive Director Tony Clark.

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