The player who totally turned off Steph Curry last night!

No, Steph Curry did not break Ray Allen’s record this Saturday night against the Sixers, by far. In question ? An opposing player, who did not want to let him do it.

This is almost nothing we talk about at Golden State: when Steph curry will surpass Ray Allen’s three-point record? The answer is still unknown, but we already know that it is not against the Sixers, this Saturday night. The setting was ideal, however, facing his brother Seth, except that things turned badly for the men of Steve Kerr.

Beyond the record, we imagine that the coach is quite unhappy with his men. Curry and company missed many shots, dooming the team. Results ? A 102-93 loss against Philly, with the Chef finishing with 6/20 on the shoot, including 3/14 behind the arc.

Will Steph Curry break the record against the Knicks?

No record during this part, because there are still 6 three-point shots missing for Curry to join Allen, and 7 to get past. It will be done next week, it remains to be seen when. What is certain is that Matisse Thybulle did not want to suffer, he who completely extinguished Steph.

Curry defended by Thybulle? It’s a 2/13 shooting. The Sixers won’t be surprised, as the rear is a monster in defense, who could claim the title of Defender of the Year in Brave New World. Whatever happens, Kerr did not hide his admiration:

I give Thybulle a lot of credit. He did a fantastic job defending. A rare combination of size, athleticism and intelligence. He did the best job I’ve seen on Steph in a long time.

If you’re into defense, Matisse Thybulle is a name you must already know. It’s ultimately not surprising to have found him on Steph Curry all evening, and he did his job to perfection. For the Chef, it will therefore be necessary to be patient.

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