The player who destroyed Jordan…but wasn’t good enough for a career!

Michael Jordan is considered by many as the greatest player of all time, and he has the track record to back up that reputation. He took the best of all his enemies, and especially in the Finals, which reinforces his domination. But obviously, a stranger has already destroyed it in training, before being cut!

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest competitor of all time, with perhaps Kobe Bryant, and he refused defeat in all its forms. Whether in a match or in training, he had to take over and win, even if it meant traumatizing his teammates. It is an aspect of his personality which was particularly well transcribed in the documentary The Last Dance.

Abdul Fox, undefeated against Jordan in training, but cut!

But not everyone knelt in front of His Airness. Indeed, in the summer of 1995, a young player put on trial by Chicago made a strong impression by destroying MJ during practice matches. Abdul Fox, the back in question, made a remarkable passage in the podcast Vintage Ballers. He gave his version of the facts, and obviously, the n°23 was not resentful.

I remember one day when we didn’t lose all practice with my team, and I became Michael Jordan’s worst enemy just for that reason. From that moment on, he sought to destroy me during all training. It was surprising because I was just trying to find a place in the team. But he was so competitive that he couldn’t accept my team being undefeated.

Abdul Fox, player invited by the Bulls during the 1995 training camp, obviously managed to shine during the sessions by being undefeated, including against Michael Jordan! And the latter obviously had a lot of trouble accepting his defeat, which is why he made his enemy from behind in the following weeks. The problem is that he never really got his revenge, since Fox was quickly cut off by the executives, and he never played in the NBA afterwards.

Despite this sad end, the native of New York can boast of two things: his victory over Michael Jordan, who was a demigod at the time, but also the fact of having won the respect of the latter. Indeed, after being released by the Bulls, he received a box with many Bulls jerseys from No. 23 and signed shoes! It’s not worth a career in the NBA, but it’s a consolation prize that many would dream of having one day.

Michael Jordan has already been dominated by a player on a training day, something he had to respect. This is probably the reason why he sent Abdul Fox a whole range of signed jerseys!

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