The player the Warriors see as the next Draymond Green!


With an important season looming, the Warriors will have a lot to prove. Steve Kerr relies on all his players, even the youngest. The next Draymond Green? He may even already be present in the workforce.

After an absence from the playoffs last year, don’t count on the Warriors to repeat the same mistakes. Steph Curry knows he is eagerly awaited, he who will have to guide the attacks, while having multiple defenders on him. An important season that is coming, especially with the return of Klay Thompson which should do good.

Unfortunately for him, recent news is not perfect. It will take patience, which means that Steve Kerr will have to bet on other players. We obviously think of Draymond Green, who will have to wake up after a very average season.

Andrew Wiggins will be important on the wing, while fans are hoping the rookies can help. During the last draft, the Dubs chose Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody to reinforce the roster. Two promising young people, but who may need some time. However, some in Golden State are quite confident.

Player development coach Kris Weems spoke to NBC Sports. He is very intrigued by the talent of Kuminga, whom he already imagines as the next Green :

We talked with him about the idea of ​​playing the pivot position. We always want him to play on the wing, at station 3 and 4 as a priority. He also has to work on his dribbling with the ball and his passes. But he can be efficient as a pivot, Draymond Green is a Hall of Famer because he does a lot of things Jonathan does too.

A second handyman? This is how the Warriors imagine Kuminga, who had shone in the last Summer League. We will still wait to see more, but it is clear that the winger has great potential. We can count on Weems and the rest of the staff to exploit it:

Jonathan Kuminga knows he is expected next year, he who has great potential to exploit. To the point of becoming the next Draymond Green? Maybe not, but the winger can go a long way. Fans will be following his progress with great attention.


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