The player LeBron absolutely wanted at the Lakers this summer!

Following a failed season that ended in April, the Lakers logically made many changes to their roster. LeBron James is never far away when it comes to initiating movements, he who wanted to find at all costs a former partner in the City of Angels. He must be smiling, since Rob Pelinka has done the necessary.

With a starving record of 33 wins for 49 losses, it is clear that the Los Angeles Lakers have not been able to give satisfaction for this 2021/22 campaign. Anthony Davis found himself injured on multiple occasions, LeBron James did not have his usual impact which makes such a difference, while Russell Westbrook never succeeded in filling the gaps. This was his goal when he arrived in Los Angeles, but his tasteless performances condemned his people.

It’s anything but a surprise to learn that the Angelinos tried to find other solutions this summer, including a departure from Brodie, just to solve the problem at the source. Unfortunately for Rob Pelinka, in charge of negotiations, it was impossible to reach an agreement with other teams. The Nets have been mentioned, as have the Pacers or more recently the Jazz, without the outcome being different. Everything therefore suggests that the former Thunder player will wear a Purple and Gold tunic next October, to the chagrin of some supporters.

LeBron James totally for a new point guard at the Lakers

However, that does not mean that the Angelinos have remained idly by in recent weeks, still hoping to bring an improvement to this position 1. Patrick Beverley therefore arrived via trade from the Jazz, while Dennis Schroder is the latest addition to the Lakers. The German, author of a magnificent performance at the EuroBasket, took advantage of the enthusiasm generated by his prowess to find a place in his old house. James he is not there for nothing either.

In a recent interview, shortly after the news of his comeback with the Lakers, Schroder was the first to acknowledge that James had a hand in it.

I’m really looking forward. I was able to chat with LeBron, yes. I can’t wait to come back, I want to do something about it this time. LeBron told me he was happy to have me back. We had a story to finish. The year I was a Laker, the fans weren’t around. The covid was there, everyone was injured. This year, at least I hope, everything will stay in place, nobody will get hurt, and we can go in search of something.

Frustrated by his first season with the Lakers, Schroder is the first happy to see that his former team was ready to give him another chance. No need to read much more to understand that LeBron probably pulled some strings to facilitate the signing, he who wanted the German to return to Los Angeles. His wish is now granted, it remains to be seen whether all this will pay off on the floor.

Back at the Lakers, Dennis Schroder can thank LeBron James, who wanted to find the leader for a new association. Even if he arrives for a salary of just under 3 million, the former Celtics or Rockets player is expected at the turn, to the point that he could have a promotion in the event of a mishap for Russell Westbrook.

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