The player Kevin Durant recruited immediately this season

Nets star, Kevin Durant is unofficially in charge of recruiting, he who can attract people to the side of Brooklyn. This season, the winger has not hesitated to recruit a free agent, proof of his self-confidence.

While he is currently playing in the playoffs, Kevin Durant excels with over 34 points average – best in the league. The winger has not lost anything and intends to take the Nets as far as possible, obviously with the ring in sight. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, this armada lacks an asset: LaMarcus Aldridge, recently retired.

In high season, and after confirmed heart problems, the interior has suddenly retired a few months ago now. A shock for the NBA planet, but the Blazer was absolutely right to put his health first. A choice that did not bother anyone in the Big Apple.

The first who was warned at the Nets is Kevin Durant. The reason is simple: the former Warrior was the first to recruit Aldridge when he became a free agent after leaving Spurs. In an interview with The Athletic, LMA spoke on the subject, and why he wanted to warn KD first.

I spoke to Kevin Durant right after, because I wanted to give him my respect. When I landed on the market, he was the first to contact me. I thought I owed him that. It was a shock at first, because he didn’t understand what I was saying. These guys were really happy to have me, and while I wasn’t very emotional at the time, I was afterwards.

Because if Aldridge now takes care of his health, it is never easy to switch from one world to another. For the former Blazers, it’s a particularly complicated period of adjustments:

Every time I say “hey, I’m retired” to someone, I get emotional. I’m still trying to find a way to be happy today. I was really depressed and was looking for a way to bounce back from that, because it’s really dramatic.

Kevin Durant is therefore the first to have learned about LaMarcus Aldridge, the winger being behind his arrival on the side of the Nets. Unfortunately, the franchise will not benefit from the contribution of LMA: a retirement not easy to digest for everyone.

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