The player guaranteed to be traded at the deadline!

With a deadline set for February 10, rumors will begin to flow in the coming days. Like every year, we expect a lot of trades, including a player almost guaranteed to be traded. Given his situation, no one will be surprised by this news.

As the teams continue to negotiate in order to improve their roster, or to seize opportunities, the deadline is getting closer and closer. On February 10, it will no longer be possible to trade. An important moment for all franchises, especially for those who aspire to win a title, like the Lakers.

Expect movement in the next two weeks, although some issues are still quite unclear. Will Ben Simmons be traded? Will the Angelinos succeed in strengthening with a new player? Questions, but one certainty: Goran Dragic should leave the Raptors soon.

Goran Dragic towards a departure from Toronto

The leader is sidelined, he who never wanted to play with this team. The two parties reached an agreement for him to stay away from the franchise, but not on a breach of contract. A trade is more than likely according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, since the interest is there. Such a veteran? Many people will want to hire his services.

According to a source, the Raptors are finding a lot of interest in Goran Dragic, with several possible deals for the veteran point guard. It is almost certain that he will be traded by the February 10 deadline.

If the Raptors wanted it, a trade is possible today. But the front office is playing for time, pushing up the bids by the deadline, hoping for an improvement in offers. An interested franchise? The Heat, since Dragic was present at the game earlier in the week:

If Goran Dragic is in the market, interest must be high in the NBA. The suitors will want to tear it off, and the Lakers may not be far away. The Raptors can rub their hands, and hope to recover a nice counterpart.

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