The player discreetly pushed to the exit by the Lakers

The Lakers have some returns to the squad after a period marked by the numerous absences linked to COVID. And inevitably, to make room for ghosts, Rob Pelinka decided to let a player go in a fairly discreet way.

The Lakers are going through a difficult pass and the immense performances of Lebron james don’t change the equation much. Yes, the King is reassuring even though he is forced to play a pivotal role, he has also succeeded a unique performance in history against the Blazers, but the results are still fragile. If they continue like this, Frank Vogel’s men will have to play the play in.

It must be said that the Purple and Gold are not helped by the injury ofAnthony davis and the many cases of COVID that have ravaged the workforce. And even without these elements, there is a certain imbalance in the construction of the roster that will perhaps have to be corrected in the coming months to hope to do something in the spring against teams like the Warriors or the Suns.

Jemerrio Jones released by the Lakers

With this in mind, Rob Pelinka decided to discreetly let go of a player who, unlike Stanley Johnson for example, praised by LeBron James for the quality of his appearances, failed to convince on his 10-day contract signed to do so. in the face of the massacre. It must be said that its performance was not breathtaking due to a very low playing time.

The Lakers let Jemerrio Jones’ contract expire. He is no longer in the workforce.

Jemerrio Jones had already passed by the Lakers in 2018, for six small games, and his second stint was even more average than the first. He only played two games on this 10-day contract, for a total of 15 minutes spent on the field, all in garbage time, 4 points, 3 rebounds and 1 small interception. Suffice to say that the winger will not leave an unforgettable memory in the minds of the fans.

The Lakers therefore have a square in the workforce, perfect for welcoming players still affected by the Health and Safety Protocols. Jemerrio Jones hasn’t really had his chance in California, but another decimated franchise may have him in a few weeks.

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