The Piech GT 2024 is a retro sport EV with 600 hp and a range of 311 miles

The capacity of the battery, provided by Chinese company Desten, has yet to be revealed, but Piëch said it can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in just eight minutes and offers a range of 311 miles.

Initial tests are now underway with the first full prototype under the supervision of lead developer Klaus Schmidt, who previously led BMW’s M division for around 30 years.

A second prototype will be completed in March 2022, followed by an “additional series” of test cars by the end of the year and another batch in 2023. Serial production will begin in 2024, Piëch affirms, in accordance with « proven test cycles of high-end German manufacturers ».

The GT will be produced by an established third-party manufacturer, but this has yet to be confirmed. Piëch aims to produce 1200 GT in the first year.

Ultimately, Piëch’s retail network should include around sixty “in-house” stores, with several “large companies” hired to provide after-sales services.

Brand sales manager Jochen Rudat, who previously held a similar role for Tesla, has promised that « interested buyers will soon be able to book their own GT and get a head start before sales even start. »

The company also shed light on how its efforts are being funded ahead of the imminent start of a second fundraiser.

CFO Timo Kauer has acknowledged the contribution of « international thought leaders and advisors like STJ Advisors, as well as big bank UBS, » but it’s unclear exactly how much has been invested, and by whom exactly, at this point. .

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