The philosopher Raphaël Verchère: « We expect sport to be an idyllic mirror of society, without dysfunction »

Not progressive enough, not smooth enough, not mobilized enough, not enough ambassadors for the climate cause…: sports stars, more than others, are constantly called upon to set an example. For the philosopher Raphaël Verchère, perhaps society’s expectations are simply too high.

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Journalist in the Investigations Department

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Hor ground, the PSG? Yes, and somewhere… nothing out of the ordinary. And if it was the fact of constantly projecting a duty of exemplarity on the stars of the ball that was next to the plate? In a book just published*, the French philosopher and teacher Raphaël Verchère, destroys the myth of sporting meritocracy: sport is, in essence, aristocratic.

What did the sand yachting episode inspire you?

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