The « perfect free agent » targeting the Bulls

Very active this summer on the market, Chicago has not yet finished with its recruitment. One name in particular would be on his target list… According to a scout in the franchise, he would even be the ideal candidate!

Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso: The Bulls have been very enterprising this offseason, to say the least. The six-time champion team even tried to add another big fish to their squad recently, trying to acquire Paul Millsap! Unfortunately for them, the veteran decided to sign for the Nets.

Not to discourage the managers of the franchise, however, who intend to do some shopping. According to the site Heavy, their new target would thus be Jarred Vanderbilt. Free agent restricted to Minnesota, the player could be an option at a lower price, and it may well be that his team will let him go to other horizons.

Former Minnesota Timberwolves inside Jarred Vanderbilt is just 22 years old and he could potentially give the Bulls’ second unit a dose of athleticism and defense as a strong-winger. A Bulls analyst called Vanderbilt « the perfect free agent. »

Virtually unused in his first two seasons between Denver and Wolves, Vanderbilt showed good progress last year (5.4 points and 5.8 rebounds per game). Indeed very athletic, the former Kentucky college has dynamite in his calves and energy to spare, as his highlights show:

As mentioned above, his potential in defense is all the more interesting as the Chicagoans lack these kinds of profiles in the racket. Markannen was no lightning bolt in his own half, and Thaddeus Young was sent to Spurs. If he plays his cards well, the boy therefore has the opportunity to make his hole in the event that he lands in Illinois.

Failing to be able to recover the biggest names on the market, the Bulls are now trying to recover players capable of filling needs. Not the worst of strategies, a few days away from training camps.

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