The Padres could finally consider Ron Washington as manager

The San Diego Padres are currently continuing their search for a new manager. For the moment, Luis Rojas, Mike Shildt and Ozzie Guillen have had a first interview. No indication as to whether they are the only ones.

However, that doesn’t mean the California squad is no longer of interest to Atlanta Braves third baseman Ron Washington. As you might expect, Washington is right now fully focused on the World Series and the Padres are well aware of that.

Baseball operations president AJ Preller said the team may not have their new manager in place for the GM meetings to begin on Nov. 8, a date that proved to be Preller’s initial target.

And that makes sense, since in the event that the World Series were to make it to the November 3 limit, Washington (which has been talking about it for the right reasons since the series began) probably wouldn’t be able to be available until after the week. next.

If the Padres were to wait until then, then one can assume that there is great interest in the San Diego camp. Recall that Washington finished second in 2019 when the Padres hired Jayce Tingler and he still sees himself in this position.

A duo formed by Washington and Rojas is also not ruled out by the San Diego staff with the former Mets as bench coach.

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