The Packers launch their sixth capital opening

The opportunity to treat yourself to a little bit of a dream for Christmas.

The Green Bay franchise differentiates itself from other NFL clubs in many ways. But its greatest specificity is to have its capital open to the public, which allows certain fans to hold shares in their team.

Yet Packers’ stocks are not normal stocks: they cannot be traded or sold, and do not appreciate over time. It is more of a certificate received against a donation. But it represents a collector’s item for CheeseHeads supporters.

From Tuesday, November 16, Green Bay will launch its sixth “capital opening”. 300,000 shares will be put up for sale at a price of $ 300 per unit. Either a fundraising of $ 90 million according to ESPN.

“The Packers shares are not an investment in shares in the usual sense… The Packers will have no obligation to repay the purchase amount of the shares… Anyone considering the purchase of Packers shares should not to base its decision on profit, to obtain a dividend, a tax deduction, or any other economic advantage… The regulations of the Packers and the rules of the NFL restrict the transfers of the shares of the Packers ”, warns the official announcement of the franchise.

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