The P. DFO summary. 159 – Rod Brind’Amour joins the show as we preview the Metro Division

We’re just under a week away from real NHL regular season hockey! With the season just around the corner, Frank and Jason continued their previews of the season today by taking an in-depth look at The Underground. They started things off by welcoming Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour. Rod spoke about the team’s busy front office summer and what he thinks of the new mix of guys they’ve added over the past few months. His mentality is simple: Stanley Cup or fail and he explained why the squad they have is good enough to go all the way. We also told him about his gym routine and he told us about the absolutely stacked youth team he coaches.

After the discussion with Rod, the guys entered all the other teams in the division. Last year there was a 16-point gap between fourth and fifth in the division, but there’s no denying things will be tighter this season. Could a team that missed the playoffs last year cringe at this time? Frank and Jason gave their thoughts on that and more in our full Metropolitan Division preview. Of course, Tyler Yaremchuk also appeared on a new edition of « Fill in the Blank » aired by DoorDash.

3:50 p.m. – Latest news on Hockey Canada

11:31 – Rod Brind’Amour joins the show

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31:50 – Hurricanes

45:55 – The Rangers

49:15 – Penguins

56:40 – Capitals

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1:06:30 – Islanders

1:02:50 – The Devils

1:16:50 – The Flyers

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