The owner of the T-Wolves speaks cash after the trade of Rudy Gobert!

By bringing in Rudy Gobert from the Jazz, Minnesota suddenly raised expectations of him. And these are likely to continue to climb, after the last outing of the owner of the franchise… This one did not go there by four paths to explain the objectives of the team!

It seems a long time ago when the Timberwolves were the laughingstock of the league because of their mediocre results and their catastrophic organization. Now they are well and truly taken seriously, having surprised everyone by making it to the playoffs in 2021-22. The duo formed by Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns worked well, and to reward them, the front office offered them a new XXL teammate in the person of Rudy Gobert.

With this top three to lead Chris Finch’s group, the Wolves squad now look pretty good and will most certainly be watched closely by competition and observers alike. This is all the more the case if Alex Rodriguez, the owner of the franchise, allows himself sensational statements in the press. Recently asked about the ambitions of the team, the latter did not mince his words:

Alex Rodriguez aims for the title over the next 5 years

I think we are in a good position and we are just opportunistic. We have a window of four or five years, and we want to try our luck.

Obviously, the former baseball legend doesn’t just want to settle for a return to the playoffs, or even a qualification for the conference semi-finals. With the move for the Frenchy, it’s downright the title he is aiming for!

It must be said that on paper, Minnesota may have the best racquet in the league, as KAT and Gobzilla seem complementary. Nevertheless, in order to maintain a high level of play for so long, it will most likely be necessary to put your hand in the wallet once again, and perhaps also pay the luxury tax. Again, Rodriguez showed cash with Associated Press :

All of those things will be looked at, but I think right now we’re focused on building a team that can fight for a title and all of those options will be assessed in the future.

In other words, if it will take out the dollars en masse in order to sign another big player, where then to extend Anthony Edwards by 2024, then the leaders will certainly not deprive themselves of it. After years of languishing in the soft underbelly of the league, the franchise finally seems to be back on the upswing and it is therefore a question of not wasting this opportunity. Especially since the No. 27 will be there for another four years, so you might as well put the odds on their side.

The big boss of the Timberwolves is openly aiming for the title, after the arrival of Rudy Gobert. Not sure that we can already talk about this kind of objectives for the squad of Chris Finch, but if the chemistry takes, it could become a possibility to be seriously taken into account.

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