The owner of the Nets cracks: “They don’t want you in Golden State, come here! »

After a season concluded too hastily, the Nets intend to be active in the market. Franchise owner Joe Tsai seems to have taken the message a little too much to heart, and invited a Warriors undesirable to join Brooklyn!

The changes made during the season have not borne fruit, new ones will necessarily have to be made in the coming weeks. The Nets have not hesitated to upset their roster in recent months, recording for example the departure of James Harden and the signings of Goran Dragic or Andre Drummond. All without managing to go beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Badly eliminated by the Celtics, Kevin Durant and his teammates know that their leaders are likely to make a big mess this summer. Players who have disappointed are thus likely to take the door, while several reinforcements should replace them. The front office in Brooklyn is therefore stepping up its efforts at the moment, and even… the owner of the franchise, Joe Tsai.

Joe Tsai wants to see Klay Thompson in Brooklyn… or almost

Very ambitious in business, Tsai is just as ambitious when it comes to his team. Since 2019, he has therefore been putting all the financial means on the table so that the latter wins the NBA title in its history… and is obviously starting to also look into the sporting aspect. His first target as an apprentice-GM? Klay Thompson, or rather his look-alike Dawson Gurley!

They don’t want you in Golden State, come play in Brooklyn! #FauxTampering 🤣🤣🤣

Why approach the YouTuber in this way? Because this one just got banned from the Chase Center, after having entered there without authorization by impersonating Klay. From the top of his 90 meter, and given his shooting mechanics displayed on the Warriors’ floor, who knows: maybe he could help Steve Nash next year!

A first recruit could quickly land in Brooklyn, in the person… of Klay Thompson’s look-alike. In any case, Joe Tsai has a sense of humor, and at least will not have to pay a fine for this invitation sent publicly!

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