the opposition deplores the tone of Emmanuel Macron against the Olympic medalists

« It is necessary for each federation, for each athlete, to put the maximum pressure », declared the President of the Republic Monday vis-a-vis the Olympic medalists.

« Disgusting », « inspector of finished works » … Critics rocketed after the speech Monday of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in front of the Olympic and Paralympic medalists. The Head of State has indeed, after the rigorous congratulations, directly asked French athletes to do better than the Tokyo Games during the next Olympic Games, in 2024 in Paris.

« The overall results of these Olympic Games are not quite at the level we expected, we know that in certain sports, it is even mixed, and we cannot build success if we do not tell each other things by truth, ”he said. « I’m telling you very clearly, we have to do a lot more, a lot more. Because these are our games, it’s at home and it’s expected, » said Emmanuel Macron adding: « for each federation, for each athlete, to put the maximum pressure « .

« Just disgusting. Properly disgusting »

These statements, which sounded more like reproaches than congratulations, outraged the opposition. « Just disgusting. Properly disgusting », thus tweeted the deputy La France Insoumise Danièle Obono, describing the President of the Republic as « chief manager of the startup nation ». « It was not the place, nor the time for Macron to draw a summary and approximate assessment of the Games, » writes Régis Juanico, deputy EELV.

« In berating the Olympic delegation on Monday, he went against the pride that our athletes inspire in us. In 2024 they will need support, not a finished work inspector, » notes the president of the National Marine Le Pen Rally, who finds the scene « so revealing of Emmanuel Macron’s morgue ».

« Can we be further from what should be the very spirit of a sports policy? », criticizes environmental MEP Yannick Jadot on his Twitter account. Sport « cannot be reduced to a competition designed for the sole interests of the sponsors! »

« To think that we are going to make 90 medals in Paris 2024, no »

Triple Olympic champion, judoka Teddy Riner declared on Monday that Emmanuel Macron’s ambitions were, for him, impossible to keep. « France is a great nation of sport, but to think that we are going to win 90 medals in Paris 2024, no, » he said. « I would like to be made to lie, but we have to do a lot more things to claim 90 medalists in 3 years (…) we had to invest already 7 years back in sport, massively, to confront our youth with the international « .

France won 33 medals at the Tokyo Olympics, moving up to 8th place overall. In 2016 in Rio, she was 7th with 42 medals. On the Paralympic side, the athletes collected 54 medals this year and are placed in 14th place, against 12th place in 2016 with 28 medals.

Salome Vincendon

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