The offside of French football, the book that highlights the excesses of our sport

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Round ball enthusiasts in France know him well. Football educator, columnist and even writer, Yacine Hamened very often appears in the media landscape to give his opinion as clear-cut as it is relevant. Often invited to After Foot on RMC, especially on training issues, columnist for Le club des 5 or Paris United with his tactical debriefs or La Gazette du Fennec where he demonstrates his knowledge of African football, Yacine Hamened always has things to say about football and never has his tongue in his pocket.

Beyond the new generation media, Yacine Hamened’s daily life is that of the field. The educator with the long CV as an arm has worked in both the amateur and professional world, in Évian Thonon-Gaillard for example. On the front line, he witnesses every day the excesses of French football, gangrened from the categories of young people. Violence, money, lies, interested educators, unscrupulous parents, children under pressure, federations, authorities and accomplice clubs, what about play in all of this?

Tired of seeing the sport he loves flouted in this way, Yacine Hamened has chosen to reveal, through concrete examples, the reality on the ground while warning dads and mothers about the pitfalls to avoid and proposing solutions to improve the general situation of our sport. Educator to the end of the pen.

“Les offside du football français” is a must read for anyone for whom football is also played off the pitch. Yacine Hamened opens the debate and prompts reflection in a book that transpires the experience of a football fan who sees his sport losing its essence in favor of profitability at all costs.

to summarize

Football educator, Yacine Hamened signs his third book with “Les hors-jeu du football français”, his second focusing on football.


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