the off-road supercar is out

Lamborghini does not do half measures! In 2019, the Sant’Agata Bolognese firm launched its project to produce a supercar capable of venturing off the beaten track. Almost three years later, the model, baptized Huracan Sterrato, left the Italian factory on the occasion of a video clip.

In this first official teaser, Lamborghini demonstrates the off-road capabilities of the Huracan Sterrato. By staging a Top Gear-style car versus bike duel, the supercar is revealed in detail. The model is literally placed on stilts, benefiting from a high ground clearance to allow the car to move smoothly on dirt roads.

Overall, the style of this Huracan has been revised to give it a more robust appearance. Thus, we discover plastic body parts fixed on the fenders. The exposed carbon now gives way to raw plastic protections. The supercar lets its adventurous side express itself!

In front, additional headlights and an air intake housed on the roof allow the Huracan Sterrato to stand out even more from a basic version. Redesigned side air intakes are also on the menu for this rather special supercar. According to the brand, the all-wheel drive system has been recalibrated and the suspension reinforced. Note that the name of the concept will be used for the production model.

The atmospheric V10 for this buggy-like Lamborghini?

« Courageous, authentic and unexpected » is how Lamborghini describes its off-road supercar. The Sterrato concept, presented in 2019, was based on the Huracan Evo and its 640 horsepower V10, with all-wheel drive. There is no doubt that the production version will have the same engine.

This special model will undoubtedly be the last Lamborghini to receive the naturally aspirated V10. A final interpretation which undoubtedly marks the swan song of this fabulous engine. The famous supercar should, in the coming months, receive for the first time an engine equipped with hybridization.

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