The number of the day: 1526

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It was therefore necessary to wait 1526 days to see a driver from the Williams Racing team again on the podium of a Formula 1 race. A long crossing of the desert which ends on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit for a Belgian Grand Prix not like the others because extremely disturbed by the rain.

The last podium before Sunday’s was June 25, 2017 for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. At the time, Daniel Ricciardo won his Red Bull ahead of Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes and Lance Stroll’s Williams. 4 years, two months and 4 days later, a driver from the British team gets back on the box. This is George Russell. The British driver, most likely a Mercedes driver in 2022, finished 2nd in this Belgian Grand Prix. He is surrounded by Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Sir Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

At the end of this 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, 12th round of the World Championship, George Russell has 13 points. He is in 15th position. Williams is 8th in the standings with 20 points.

to summarize

This Sunday August 29 is a milestone in the history of F1. It is the shortest race in the history of the discipline. But this date is also historic for one of the ten manufacturers on the field: Williams Racing.

Julien maron

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