The nugget Hugo Besson explains why he is going to play with Wembanyama!


French fullback Hugo Besson, selected in 58th position in the last NBA Draft, will find tricolor prodigy Victor Wembanyama for the coming season

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This season, the Metropolitans 92 will undoubtedly be the most followed team across the Atlantic. Indeed, it is in Boulogne that Victor Wembanyama should confirm his status as future No. 1 in Draft, and there will be many scouts in the stands. He will also evolve with the nugget Hugo Besson, who explained his choice to leave the Bucks for the Paris region.

Hugo Besson was the real revelation of last season in the small world of French basketball. While he was to be in the shadow of the prodigy Ousmane Dieng in the Australian league, the former top scorer of Pro B chained the cards and quickly established himself as a serious NBA prospect. His exploits caught the eye of several franchises, including the Bucks, who decided to select him with the last choice of the Draft.

Hugo Besson chose the Metropolitans for the calendar

Unfortunately, after a rather discreet Summer League during which he did not really have a chance, Hugo Besson was not kept by the 2021 champions, and he had to find a team in which to bounce back. Like Victor Wembanyama, the full-back made the choice to sign for the Metropolitans 92, and he explained his decision in his latest YouTube video (video available in full here).

I knew at the end of the Summer League that I was not going to be kept by the Bucks. But it was already late July, so there wasn’t much on the market. I had already received proposals from the Metropolitans, and from other clubs too, but in Boulogne I took into account the fact that I was going to be able to develop physically, since we will only have one match per week.

The schedule allows me to do strength training every day, and that’s what the Bucks asked for. To play in the NBA you have to be super physical, and that’s what I miss. Then it’s a good club, there are plenty of young people, the coach of the France team Vincent Collet is on the bench. It’s also cool to go back to France, and it’s all these things that explain my signature.

By signing with the Metropolitans, Hugo Besson was still thinking of the NBA, and according to his analysis of the situation, this club is the most likely to allow him to find a place in the big league. Because he will not compete in the European Cup, he will be able to concentrate on his body and gain mass, which will necessarily be beneficial at the highest level. And then, it will evolve permanently under the eyes of the leaders and the scouts, who will move for Victor Wembanyama.

Is there a more promising duo than Victor Wembanyama and Hugo Besson in the French championship? Probably not, and that’s why the scouts will rush to each meeting. It’s up to them to confirm to get a place in the NBA the following season!


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