The notable difference between Westbrook at the Rockets and the Lakers identified!

New member of the Lakers this year, Russell Westbrook is already eager to return to the courts to speak his game. His impact should quickly be felt on the floor, especially as his behavior is already different. As one internet user had fun to point out, the difference between Rockets and Lakers is there.

Obviously not very happy on the side of the Wizards, and especially determined to play on the side of Los Angeles, Russell westbrook asked from Washington a few weeks ago. His duet with Bradley Beal did not really work, and it all ended with a fairly dry elimination against the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs.

Not the dream scenario for Westbrook, who obviously aspires to win a ring. At the Lakers, he will be part of a real contender for the ring, but can he blend in with the collective? More recently, Frank Vogel wanted to announce the color. Yes, Russ is here, but he’s going to have to work hard to make it work.

The good news for fans is that Westbrook isn’t planning to take long to get to work. He was preview with LeBron James during this offseason, all in training. The goal is clear: to find automatisms for the next exercise. Whatever we think, it’s a duo that we are in any case curious to see at work.

This is also true of Russ, who returns home upon arriving in California. A very important place for him, and where he will be keen to shine. As one internet user noticed on Twitter, the difference can already be seen, especially during the press conference. Between Rockets and Lakers, Westbrook’s expression speaks volumes.

Do you see the difference ?

For Houston, his arrival was undoubtedly linked to James Harden. For the Lakers, on the other hand, he is mostly happy to come home. Russell Westbrook seems very motivated in any case, which should appeal to fans of the franchise.

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