the nice jackpot that Newcastle could invest in January

Newcastle United are said to be ready to invest 220 million euros in the January transfer window, thanks to the significant resources of the new Saudi owners, who have just bought the club. Coutinho is one of the names already mentioned.

Now the richest club in the world, thanks to the takeover led by the sovereign fund of Saudi Arabia with resources estimated at 400 billion euros, Newcastle United has the means to splurge on the transfer window. According to the British press, the new management would have a budget of more than 220 million euros (190 million pounds sterling) to recruit from this January on the winter transfer market. Enough to consider significant recruitments to not only mark the occasion on the football world, but also ensure the sporting future of the team, 19th in the Premier League standings after seven days.

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Flexible financial fair play in England

Newcastle are currently not affected by the financial fair play of UEFA, which mainly monitors clubs involved in European cups. On the other hand, the Premier League has its own spending limit mechanism, which aims to ensure the solvency of clubs.

In the English league, losing more than £ 15million (around € 19million) over three years is prohibited. The limit may however be increased to more than 120 million euros if the shareholder invests 90 million euros over the same period, according to the explanations of the Daily Telegraph. Of course, there is no doubt that the Saudi General Staff will bail out the coffers. It is also possible to push back these margins, depending on the investments made in the training center. These elements explain, among other things, why Newcastle will be able to cause a sensation from this January transfer window.

Coutinho as the first flagship recruit?

It is still necessary that talented players agree to join this poorly ranked team. With so much money, the club’s options are nonetheless plentiful. Newcastle could very well bet on young prodigies, on stars at the end of their careers, or on confirmed players in a situation of failure.

This last category concerns, for example, Philippe Coutinho. According to the Catalan press, the Brazilian attacking midfielder of FC Barcelona could be Newcastle’s first major recruit of the Saudi era. Contacts have already been made, and Barca are said to be ready to accept a € 50million transfer.

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