The NHL’s Highest-Paid Player Might Surprise You

No Connor McDavid is not the highest paid player in the NHL. It wouldn’t be really surprising if that were the case.

However, if you take a closer look at the photo, there is a clue to the surprising player who will pocket the biggest salary in the league this season ($14.5 million before all deductions).

Instead, Connor McDavid is tied for second in the NHL with a total salary of $13 million this season ($12 million signing bonus with a salary of $1 million). The Oilers captain is the only top 12 earner without a no-move clause, simply because he’s the only one not old enough to be eligible.

McDavid shares this second rank in the NHL with three other players, including a well-known Montreal player in Carey Price. The other two are Artemi Panarin and Tyler Seguin. The latter will also earn $13 million next season before seeing his annual salary drop by nearly $5 million.

Erik Karlsson is the highest paid player in the NHL

And yes, the Sharks defenseman, who has been plagued by injuries over the past few years, will be the biggest earner in 2021-22. It was a contract he signed on June 17, 2019 that earned him this title. At that time, he hadn’t hit a wall, but he was coming fast.

He had just finished 15th in the Norris Trophy vote, his worst result in that race since 2013. Unfortunately for San Jose, Karlsson did not receive a single vote for the trophy given to the best defenseman in the NHL since the start of this very expensive contract.

His $11.5M payroll impact is expected to last through 2027 and because of the structure, it’s a very difficult contract to buy out before 2023. At least his salary will start to come down next year, but his performance coupled with his importance on the payroll doom the Sharks to a long reconstruction.

Unfortunately for him, when the team is ready to aim for the heights of the NHL again, it will probably be time to buy out what remains of this mammoth contract.

Source: CapFriendly

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