the NHL must learn from the NBA


The NHL must find solutions to better promote the sport of hockey. And to do that, maybe Gary Bettman should seek advice from Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA.

I explain.

As in the NHL, the NBA has held its annual amateur draft in recent weeks. The first choice of the 2023 auction is Victor Wembanyama… And all basketball fans were eager to see him in action because of the hype that surrounds it for several years already.

Like Connor Bedard, we talk about him as a generational player.

The NBA, in the summer, holds a league called the “Summer League”. We’re talking about a league where the best prospects on the circuit find themselves, which gives fans the chance to see young players at work.

But it also gives fans a chance to see their favorite team’s recent first choice play a TRUE basketball game, not too long after the draft. The opportunity is therefore great to see these young players evolve in a match situation to see how they behave on the field.

Wembanyama was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. In the first game of the Summer League, Wemby had a relatively tough outing… And basketball fans around the world wanted to see how he would fare in his second game.


1.39 million spectators opened their television, computer or cell phone to watch the match to ESPN only.

By comparison, 1.8 million people watched the last NHL Winter Classic on TNT.

The observation is striking… Especially since it is a basketball match that was played in the middle of summer:

Every Blackhawks fan would love to see Connor Bedard play a game before training camp.

All Canadiens fans would love to see David Reinbacher play a game before training camp.

All fans of…

You understand where I’m coming from.

But, that’s what the NHL is. We are talking about a league that is not able to showcase its stars as it should and for it to be able to increase the popularity of the sport on the planet, there is still a long way to go. .

It’s not going to play two matches in Europe per season that it will happen. And it is not by adding external matches to the calendar that it will be done either.

These are great projects, of course. But, the story remains the same, in the end. The league must attract more than its target audience. Whether it’s by improving the show during the All-Star Match, whether it’s by regularly holding a World Cup, which hasn’t been the case since 2016…

It’s up to Gary Bettman to work with his colleagues to grow the sport. There is a way to average, as they say. All you have to do is put your shoulder to the wheel.

A lot of

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