The NFL’s embarrassment over Deshaun Watson has never been more evident.

The official NFL Twitter account appears to avoid posting Deshaun Watson’s best moments, never mentioning the QB and focusing on receivers catching TDs.

The fact that Deshaun Watson is playing NFL football this season is a disgrace to the league. It’s clear.

Watson had his best game for the Browns so far on Sunday. He threw three touchdown passes and Cleveland beat the Commanders 24-10. The NFL wouldn’t show them.

The person who ran the official NFL Twitter account, responsible for posting highlights of the day, made sure Watson was never celebrated, as Dov Kleiman pointed out.

The NFL is trying to pretend Deshaun Watson doesn’t exist.

Here are the three highlights of the game that the NFL tweeted. Each was a Watson touchdown, only one even showed the QB. Amari Cooper was the headliner in two of them. The other tweet only refers to the team taking a 10 point lead.

A quick scroll through the rest of the highlights from the day makes it clear that the quarterbacks are usually the stars of the tweets and highlights included therein. Watson’s treatment is noticeably different.

There are two ways to interpret this. The first is that the NFL issued a directive to minimize Watson’s involvement in the highlights as much as possible. The second is that the person(s) running NFL social media have taken it upon themselves to give the quarterback no glory this season.

If it’s the second case, then kudos to them. There’s not much social media officials can do about league suspensions but prevent a man credibly accused of two dozen sexual misconduct cases from coming to the fore. in the reports, it is at least something.

Either way, it’s another example of just how embarrassing Watson is playing. The league wanted to suspend him longer but eventually reduced his sanction. Now they have to deal with the fact that Watson is in a Browns uniform and throwing touchdown passes.

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