The NFL pushes for flag football

— Posted on April 6, 2022

Los Angeles 2028

Flag football at the Olympics? The NFL wants it. And she intends to use all her weight to impose this reduced format version of American football as an additional sport at the Games in Los Angeles in 2028.”If flag football becomes an Olympic sport, more countries will take up the sport”suggested Damani Leech, the general manager of NFL International, on the channel CNBC. At this point, the road still seems long for flag football, even with the support of the mighty NFL. Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, has never hidden his lack of interest in American football, which he considers too little universal to claim the title of Olympic sport. But the prospect of the Los Angeles Games in 2028 could change that. History pleads in favor of the discipline: American football has indeed been disputed only once at the Summer Games, precisely in Los Angeles in 1932. It was a demonstration sport. The organizers of the Los Angeles 2028 Games have not yet officially opened the file for additional sports. But Casey Wassermann, the president of LA 2028, explained it at the end of last year: “We’re going to focus on sports that are relevant to Los Angeles, provide an incredible fan experience and contribute to the success of the Games. We want to build on tradition, while advancing the Olympics.”

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