The NFL is getting tough on sports betting


The NFL is stepping up efforts to enforce player gambling policy following a string of recent rule violations.

All rookies will now be required to attend mandatory training sessions and a group of league officials will visit team facilities to highlight and clarify prohibited activities amid rapid proliferation of betting sportsmen.

There are six “Key Rules” in this Playing Policy that league officials will be emphasizing and hammering home the following messages are:

Don’t bet on the NFL;
Do not play at your team’s facilities, when traveling for a game or staying at a team hotel;
Don’t make someone bet for you;
Don’t share team “inside information”;
Do not make sports bets during the NFL season;
Do not participate in a football pool.

Five NFL players were suspended in rulings issued in April. And this month, an investigation centered on Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers revealed he allegedly placed bets on Colts games.

The league is also focused on stepping up its monitoring and policy enforcement efforts with the help of external monitoring companies. The NFL hopes this will create further deterrence.


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