The NFL backs down on its idea of ​​bubbles at the evaluation camp

The NFL has decided to drop its idea of ​​imposing a bubble on prospects who will participate in its evaluation camp for the 2022 draft.

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On Monday, the National Invitational Combine (NIC) sent a memo to all players participating in the event and the NFL Network got a copy.

“While masks will continue to be required for air travel and medical screenings at the assessment camp for players and medical staff, wearing the mask at other times on site will be recommended, but not required” , he wrote in the missive.

“However, if you wanted to leave the secure area during your free time, you are now allowed to do so at your own risk.”

The ESPN network has learned that the agents of about 150 prospects are considering whether to boycott the event if the NFL imposes that the footballers be confined.

Last week, the Goodell circuit indicated that it wanted the evaluation camp to be held in a bubble in Indianapolis. Participants who left the protected environment would have been sent home.

The event preceding the NFL Draft is scheduled to take place March 1-7. Remember that the 2021 edition of the evaluation camp had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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