The NFL and three clubs in turmoil

Brian Flores has filed a class action lawsuit against the Professional Football League (NFL), the Dolphins franchise, which fired him in early January, and the Broncos and Giants franchises, which he accuses of racial discrimination in interviews hiring.

Brian Flores has filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, the Dolphins franchise and those of the Broncos and Giants.


In his 58-page complaint file, coach Brian Flores, who is black, claims that he was « treated with disdain and presented as someone who was non-compliant and difficult to work with » by the club. Miami who fired him on January 10.

He denounces the fact that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross tried to induce him to deliberately lose games soon after he was hired in 2019, going so far as to offer him $100,000 for each recorded loss. And this so that the team is in the best possible position for the next Draft. Because the principle of this lottery is that the worst ranked clubs at the end of a season are among the first to be able to choose one of the most highly rated academics presenting themselves there.

Flores claims that when the team won games at the end of that season, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told him that Ross was « furious » because those wins « compromised the franchise’s position in the Draft. « .

« Imposture »

Flores also accuses the Giants of giving him a job interview last month, for the job of head coach, for no reason other than to comply with the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview candidates from of minorities.

Flores says he was interviewed by the New York club on January 18, before the team hired former Buffalo Bills assistant general manager Joe Schoen as general manager on January 23. The latter called him back for the 27th. But in the meantime, Flores learned by text messages received when he was not the recipient, that the former offensive coordinator of the Bills, Brian Daboll, also in the running for the position, was the Giants’ first pick.

According to Flores, the second interview granted to him by the Giants was therefore a “sham”. He also claims a similar scenario happened when he interviewed the Broncos for their head coaching job in 2019.

« Like a Plantation »

In his lawsuit, Flores says the NFL discriminated against him and other black technicians by denying them head coach, assistant and general manager positions.

“In some ways the League is racially segregated and run like a plantation. Its 32 owners – none of whom are black – make a substantial profit from the labor of the players, 70% of whom are black,” Flores lashed out.

Attacked, the body said it wanted to defend itself “against these allegations, which are baseless”, ensuring: “diversity is at the heart of everything we do, and there are few questions on which our clubs and our management spend more time”. « God gave me a special talent for coaching, but the need for change is more important than my personal goals, » Flores said nonetheless.

And to conclude: « In making the decision to file a class action lawsuit today, my sincere hope is that in speaking out against systemic racism in the NFL, others will join me in ensuring positive change. for generations to come”.


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