The new viral images of Kawhi Leonard, physically monstrous!

Kawhi Leonard wants to stop being so physically fragile, so the Clippers winger has been working hard in practice. Proof in support with these images of the superstar, whose frame is more than robust than ever. On the side of the fans, we do not know what to think.

It’s been over a year now since we last saw Kawhi Leonard ball in hand, in an official match. The Clippers franchise player was greatly missed by his team last season, although the Angelinos went all the way to the Play-In in his absence. Franchise doctors weren’t willing to take any chances after he tore his cruciate ligaments in the 2020 playoffs, probably not a bad thing considering he’s been injury prone for a long time.

This is also why the latest update on The Klaw also seems worrying, since it’s still unclear if he’ll be in gear when the regular campaign kicks off. What is certain, however, is that the person concerned has not been idle in the weight room during the summer. The double champion has thus made the bet to gain in mass, in order to better resist contact on the floors. And judging by the latest video published by the Sailboats, the results are impressive:

Clearly, the Fun Guy seems more powerful than ever, and this can be very promising when he evolves behind the circle, he who has a lethal fadeaway. However, the Californian supporters still expressed some big reservations vis-à-vis this physical transformation. For them, KL has gained way too much mass and that should translate into further physical glitches. Some have also recalled the similar case of a rival from Los Angeles:

Kawhi Leonard’s muscles have fans worried

Kawhi bulking up like this is probably a bad idea considering the injuries he’s had in the past. Especially in the lower body.

Ah yes, let’s add weight to his frail body, surely it worked for other injury prone players like Anthony Davisis not it ?

Kawhi Leonard has been pumping up the muscles this offseason, but be careful that it doesn’t cause further health issues. Such a method is indeed a double-edged sword, especially when you know his injury history.

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