the new secretary general of CAF and the known vice-presidents

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Véron Mosengo-Omba, director of the FIFA Member Associations division, replaces Moroccan Abdelmounaïm Bah as head of administration (secretary general) of the African Football Confederation (CAF). Patrice Motsepe, the new president of CAF, has also chosen his five vice-presidents: Senegalese Augustin Senghor (1st), Mauritanian Ahmed Yahya (2nd), Djiboutian Suleïman Waberi (3rd), Cameroonian Seydou Mbombo Njoya ( 4th) and Comorian Kanizat Ibrahim (5th).

From our special correspondent in Rabat,

The day after his election as President of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Patrice Motsepe headed its first Executive Committee. A meeting during which the South African officially appointed his five vice-presidents. Unsurprisingly, and in accordance with the compromise signed in Rabat at the end of February, Augustin Senghor became 1st vice-president and Ahmed Yahya the 2nd. The Senegalese and the Mauritanian had agreed to withdraw from the race for the presidency of CAF. Djiboutian Suleïman Waberi becomes 3rd vice-president.

Shattering entries from Cameroon and the Comoros

The surprise rather came from the 4th and 5th positions. It was finally Cameroonian Seydou Mbombo Njoya and Comorian Kanizat Ibrahim who obtained the last two positions.

Mbombo Njoya signs in passing one of the «  remounted »The most resounding in the history of CAF. A few days ago he was ineligible for a post on the Executive Committee. The Court of Arbitration for Sport however narrowly validated his candidacy. The person then largely won, 45 votes to 7, against the Chadian Adoum Djibrine. «  I take this opportunity to thank President Motsepe for having chosen my country, because it is first and foremost my country that counts and not my person., he reacted. I intend to make my contribution to this big challenge that awaits us: to straighten out this CAF house which is a drifting boat « .

Kanizat Ibrahim, she couldn’t believe it. The former boss of the Comorian Federation’s Normalization Committee was still unfamiliar with the football world a few years ago.  » I don’t realize yet, she rejoiced at the microphone of Olivier Pron. It’s new but it’s also a pleasure because we see a change in the way CAF is governed and that is very important. We give more importance to women and that’s huge « .

Kanizat Ibrahim is the very first woman to reach this level of responsibility at CAF:  » Becoming vice-president is a big step. Everyone must be allowed to dream. It’s something very beautiful that happens to me, indeed, and I am very proud, both for my country and for football in general. I hope I can bring a lot of things to it ”, she added to RFI’s microphone.

A vice-president of CAF who is 45 years old and who has however fully devoted only fifteen months to football – between November 2019 and last January – fifteen months that the business manager in events spent at the head of the Standardization Committee of the Federation of the Comoros where it was able to appreciate its qualities: «  Initially, she did not have great hopes for football, she was not from the middle. But she led the reforms that needed to be done. She is a strong woman, ”emphasizes Saïd Ali Athoumane, President of the Comorian Federation

The ex «  Mr. Africa »Of FIFA Secretary General of CAF

The other surprise of the day is the arrival of Véron Mosengo-Omba as head of administration (Secretary General) of CAF, in place of interim Abdelmounaïm Bah. This Swiss-Congolese lawyer was the Director of the Member Associations division of the International Football Federation (FIFA). He was also the ‘ Mr. Africa-Caribbean From FIFA. It is therefore a skilful connoisseur of the arcana of continental football who leaves Zurich for Cairo. He worked at the European Confederation (UEFA) with Gianni Infantino, of whom he is a close collaborator, before following the latter to FIFA.

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