The new Premier League ball, inspired by superheroes

For some time now, the soccer ball has become much more than a simple working tool, it has become a marketing product. And the presentation of the new Premier League « winter » ball confirms this.

Looking at the Premier League’s new ‘winter’ ball for the first time, we probably all said ‘wow, what is it? « . Confusing, innovative, disturbing, the new England championship ball which should take its first steps in the coming days brings a real breath of freshness to this essential accessory to the practice of football but which was sometimes neglected by brands.

The universe of comics and superheroes on the Premier League ball

Wishing to highlight the fact that current footballers inspire and fascinate as much as comic book superheroes, the American brand, which has been the technical partner of the Premier League for several years, has therefore dared to go further than anyone in the field. graphics. And it is by taking inspiration from the colors of the comic strips that are red, yellow or blue that the balloon was designed.

The 2021-2022 Premier League “winter” ball

Simple coincidence or not, these colors are also those we usually find on balloons designed for the winter period. On the graphic template of the ball used since the start of the championship, the colors have therefore been simply changed and on a base largely dominated by yellow, there are touches of blue and red which make this ball a work of art. On the technology side, it is obviously the same base as the Nike Flight ball that was used. We thus find the technology AerowSculpt which was designed to improve aerodynamics and provide a much smoother and more predictable flight.

If the English championship kicked off the presentation of the balls designed for winter, we can expect Serie A to do the same in the coming weeks, as will France or uhlsport should present his last ball before the end of his equipment supplier contract with the LFP and the handling of the Ligue 1 ball by Kipsta.

Photo credits: Soccer Bible

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