The new NFT campaign by Lamborghini


The Epic Road Trip: The new NFT campaign by Lamborghini

Discover Lamborghini’s exclusive futuristic NFT campaign.

After the launch of the Space Keys series and then a unique digital coin in honor of the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé model, Lamborghini is embarking on a new NFT project with The Epic Road Trip.


Since last August, the Italian manufacturer has offered a series of four exclusive NFTs every month. The concept ? One NFT drop every 24 hours, for four consecutive days. Minted on the Palm blockchain of Ethereum, the first three released are offered in unlimited edition at a price of 196.30 dollars then the fourth is limited to 63 copies – in reference to the year of birth of Lamborghini – at a price of 1,963 dollars .

This campaign will be renewed for eight months, until March 23, 2023. Each month, holders of a complete series will have the chance to unlock a piece of a digital puzzle allowing them, at the end of the campaign, to discover  » a hidden Lamborghini vehicle (…) very rare and unique”. In addition, we already know that holders of all issued monthly NFTs will receive a special NFT.

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Lamborghini has been bringing new features to the collection since September. Fans who purchase three one-month regular NFTs will get early access to the fourth rare NFT one hour before its public release. These collectors will also receive a Lamborghini GLB file, allowing them to « virtualize » a Lamborghini model in the metaverse.

In addition, purchasers of the trio of monthly NFTs will receive a new wallpaper. While owners of two complete collections over two consecutive months will be assigned a digital sketch created by Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini. Holders of four complete and consecutive NFT series will have the chance to participate in a VIP tour of the brand’s headquarters in 2023.

The company has backed up how massive Web3 support is for a name like Lamborghini. More than a one-time publicity stunt or a revenue generator, they are a resource for carrying the brand into the future.

« That’s what the next generation is looking for, » Mastro announced. “I remember when I was a kid collecting stickers of football players and cars. The new generation collects things on their phones. NFTs are as important as any other licensing business we have. »

To join Lamborghini’s NFT adventure, it’s here.

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