The new Lamborghini Urus displays Pikes Peak



The new Lamborghini Urus is displayed

Lamborghini has released a first teaser announcing the presence of the new, restyled Urus on the upcoming Pikes Peak Hill climb. The updated Urus is one of three new model launches confirmed by Sant’Agata’s company for 2022, alongside the unreleased Huracan Sterrato and another Urus variant.

A video uploaded by Lamborghini on Instagram (you can find us there too!) shows a prototype of the Urus with its camouflage but already hinting at the new front bumper with revised air intakes and more pronounced fins . We can also see new spoked wheels, new openings on the rear bumper, a bigger spoiler, more prominent exhausts and a reworked diffuser.

Another interesting fact, this prototype of Urus does not present certain details seen on spy photos. Is it the highly anticipated Urus Performante or the hybrid Urus? In any case, we must expect changes under the hood.

Regarding a very likely participation in the famous American hillclimb, the camouflaged Urus of the video is piloted by Simone Faggioli, a professional racing driver who has won 11 European championships in hillclimb and 15 Italian championships in hillclimb. Is Lamborghini aiming for the category record, won by the Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​in 2018?

With Lamborghini confirming that the first of three new model launches for 2022 will take place in August, the facelifted Urus could also make its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Answer in a few days!


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