The new All-Time record set by Steph Curry!

Against the Clippers this Sunday night, Steph Curry managed to recover a new All-Time record, which he already held. But the Chef, still very hot, managed to do better.

Back on the court, the Warriors faced the Clippers this Sunday night in a trap meeting. Paul George’s teammates are very good this season, but this time Steve Kerr’s men were better. A rather easy success 105-90, with a strong run of 30-22 in the last quarter, which was enough to make the difference.

We can talk about the efficiency of Otto Porter Jr off the bench, who compiles 18 points and 10 rebounds, but Steph Curry cracked the screen again. Already becausehe got angry with a referee, but also and above all because it got totally hot in the 4QT, with multiple three points.

The impressive three-point domination of Steph Curry

By the way, the Chief has especially managed to mark a little more the history of the NBA. To better understand, we must look at the side of the three points. With 7 award-winning shots against the Clippers, Steph largely broke his own record with more than 103 shots from behind the arc in the first 20 games of the season, according to The Athletic.

Steph Curry overtakes Steph Curry for a new record: most three points in the first 20 games of a season.

Curry even has 105 award-winning shots after the night’s game, proof that he’s on cloud nine and maybe on his way to outperforming his entire season record. For that, we’ll have to keep up the pace, even if it’s not really a big problem:

Steph Curry is a hit with this new record, proof that he is quite apart when it comes to three-point shots. No more doubt about the debate of the best shooter in history: he plays in the Warriors.

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