“The Nets said that to Ben Simmons, he left the WhatsApp group straight away”


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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been messing up Brooklyn for a few weeks, but Ben Simmons isn’t left out either. The winger would indeed have cracked a very nasty action during the last post-season … Not really enough to guarantee the confidence of his locker room.

We still remember, many were those at the Nets to hope that Ben Simmons could play the decisive Game 4 against the Celtics, in the first round. This was also what was planned in terms of return date, he who had to recover following back problems. And yet, shortly before kick-off, the ax fell: the former Sixer was not going to be able to be dressed to help his people. Result, the latter were eliminated on a very humiliating sweep.

The story earned the Australian winger immediate enemies among the black and white fan community, especially as he was coming out of a very controversial end of his career in Philadelphia. And the latest revelations will do nothing for his rating to climb again… Analyst for Fox SportsRic Bucher thus revealed a rather shocking confirmation on Ben 10. While his locker room held a Whatsapp chat before the last match of the series, the latter would have split a crazy action:

The crazy anecdote about Ben Simmons before Game 4 against Boston

They had a team chat before Game 4, thinking he was going to play against the Boston Celtics. From what I’m told, Ben left the chat immediately. They asked him, “Are you going to play? and Ben left the chat. He didn’t even answer the question, he just left the group. And KD was like, “Is that why I signed? Am I going to play with him? »

In terms of professionalism, this is obviously very average from the Boomer. All of a sudden, footage of him and Durantula partying seem much stranger and above all, much less friendly than they seemed. It’s hard to believe that the winger could have done anything other than take his new teammate’s reaction badly… As for the fans, we were unsurprisingly mad with rage after this revelation from the journalist:

How can Ben Simmons still have a job?

Even if he were to play for the Nets next season, which seems very likely, Ben Simmons will have his work cut out for him to be accepted after this story. The Australian will have to prove that he is ready to give everything in 2022-23, unlike the last playoffs…


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