The Nets player who could « shine » even without Kevin Durant and Kyrie!

Still embroiled in transfer rumours, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving don’t know how long they will still be Brooklyn players. However, a former champion thinks one of their teammates will speak up no matter what, and in whatever way please.

For the moment, the sporting future of the Nets seems to be dashed. Indeed, although Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving should a priori return for the 2022-23 season, there is absolutely no guarantee that the cooperation will last beyond the coming summer. The New York superteam could then collapse like a house of cards, amputated by two members of its Big Three. In this case, the third thief could then act as messiah.

Indeed, Ben Simmons will make his comeback in the fall, after a year without playing between Philadelphia and Brooklyn. So what should we expect from the winger, who has made many enemies by refusing to play in his former team in order to force his departure? According to Kendrick Perkins, however, we must not lose hope. The NBA champion thus thinks that the first pick of the 2016 draft has something to surprise many people on his return:

Kendrick Perkins confident in Ben Simmons

Even if he doesn’t have KD or Kyrie Irving with him at the Nets, I expect big things from Ben Simmons. You have to remember that 2 or 3 years ago, he was considered a top player when talking about players aged 25 or less. When it comes to talking about his ability as a playmaker, he is one of the best in the whole league. I think he can shine at the Nets.

When we talk about his physical abilities, when he goes to the basket, when he is at his best level, he is one of the best in the league. He’s one of the best all-around defenders on the planet. If he continues to improve in those areas, I think his confidence will eventually increase when it comes to his shot. Like him, people said Rajon Rondo needed a jumsphot, but I watched him thrive for years without it.

It is true that the passer-defender combo that the Australian brings is extremely useful, and he has proven in the past that he can be a reference in the field. Perk’ uses the example of the Boston point guard to make it clear, we must stop expecting the former Sixer to become a reliable shooter. Instead, another discourse should be held:

The coach has to say, « I want the best version of Ben Simmons, not what the world thinks he should be. »

Kendrick Perkins is convinced, Ben Simmons will shine in all circumstances at the Nets, even if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving end up leaving. We hope that will be the case, because the Boomer has things to be forgiven for after his controversial absence in 2021-22.

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