The Nets’ cash decision on the future of Ben Simmons!

In the middle of the storm concerning Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, there is still Ben Simmons who is in Brooklyn. However, the franchise seems to have made a final decision about it. It must be said that the current situation leaves him little other choice.

Contrary to what one might have thought, Ben Simmons is not the star to be talked about the most lately, at the Nets. The winger is working on returning to form for 2022-23, but he can’t ignore exit rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The two superstars arrived together three years ago, and there’s a good chance they’ll set sail at the same time after several tense weeks in the franchise.

A big disappointment for the former Sixer, who arrived at the deadline during the season and who hoped to get the icing again in the Big Three 2.0 of Blacks and Whites. Besides, what about his future if his friends were to leave the New York superteam? According to Brian Lewis of New York Post, the leaders are in any case clearly leaning towards maintaining the Australian. There is indeed little chance that it will be traded again, especially in the event of negotiations with the Warriors to bring in KD:

Ben Simmons retained by the Nets in 2022-23

The Nets should either bring a third team into the deal, and send Andrew Wiggins there for some sort of return, or part ways with Simmons. Privately, Nets sources have suggested the latter option is unlikely. And when asked if Simmons had received assurances that he was part of the Nets’ long-term plans and that he would not be traded, a source close to the young All-Star simply told the Post that  » Ben is in tune with the Nets.”

Since the Big Apple franchise would have to start almost from scratch, having Ben 10 could be an advantage. In good health, he is a fabulous distributor as well as a very good defender, capable of covering several positions. On the other hand, Lewis recalls that with his white season, Simmons represents a big question mark for everyone. As a result, its front office has no choice but to keep it:

Of course, the Nets don’t really have a choice. Simmons didn’t play at all last season, citing mental health first and then back issues. While he’s had surgery and is expected to be ready for training camp, according to a source, a league source said there’s no discussion the Nets are actively negotiating for Simmons, while two others said there was little interest in the market for him.

In other words, the Boomer’s rating is at a standstill with the competition and Brooklyn therefore has no chance of being able to draw a satisfactory counterpart. If he can return to his best level in 2022-23, that will be another story, but he still has to show it on the court. The least of his appearances will be closely scrutinized next year, especially if he finds himself alone to lead the boat of his team.

Ben Simmons will be a member of the Nets next year, its leaders not actively seeking to get rid of him. On the other hand, no one wants the winger right now, so might as well bet on a good comeback from him.

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