The Nets badly destroyed by the hero of the last playoffs!

This Monday during media day, the Nets tried to turn a page after a summer particularlyyou complicated. Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and the leaders have shown surprising maturity and have shown a bright future, a position that the hero of the last playoffs does not share.

This Monday, on the occasion of the Nets’ media day, many were expecting a new controversy, spicy statements from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, who have seriously hesitated to leave in recent months… but nothing. Unlike the rest of the summer, Brooklyn was a calm city, where things were said clearly, openly, without the slightest resentment. We finally know why KD wanted to pack for example.

A few days before the resumption, all the main players in the team are in a good state of mind, and they know full well that the title will be an option if the mayonnaise takes. Ben Simmons confessed to being ready to return, both physically and mentally, Uncle Drew will play for a nice contract next summer, when KD let it be known that he was satisfied with all the arrivals in the group, in particular those of TJ Warren and Markieff Morris.

Bruce Brown happy to have left the Nets!

But this serenity is not necessarily found in players who have just left. For example, during the Nuggets’ media day, Bruce Brown was asked about the chaos that raged in Brooklyn last season, and he was pretty transparent about how he felt. The winger made it clear that the environment was healthier in Colorado than in the Big Apple.

New York was absolutely crazy. I’m happy to be here.

Bruce Brown on Playing in a Drama-Free Franchise Instead of Brooklyn: « I Like It »

Bruce Brown, a rare source of satisfaction for the Nets in the last playoffs, with 14 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.3 steals on average, all at 57% shooting and 43% from 3 points, is obviously very happy to left Brooklyn to join Denver this summer. He was impeccable on the field, discreet outside, but he undoubtedly has things to say about this “crazy” franchise that is the Nets.

Even though the Nets have a better chance of win the title at the end of the season, Bruce Brown is happy to have packed his bags for Denver, which is to say if the locker room was toxic in Brooklyn. It remains to be seen which side will benefit the most from this amicable divorce.

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