« The Nets are not as good in attack as the Warriors at the time »

On paper, the Net are simply terrifying with their Big 3 and the contribution of a player like Patty Mills off the bench… But for a former champion, all these weapons are not enough to make Brooklyn the best attack in history! The Warriors would still be ahead …

Since the arrival of James harden at the start of last season, and as long as the Bearded man is around, the Nets will be seen as the big favorites in the title race. Even if to go all the way and win a ring, the planets will have to align more than in the last campaign … Indeed, after a perfectly mastered first round against the Celtics, bad luck hit Brooklyn head-on. .

Harden, injured for a long time during the regular season, tried to come back a little too quickly and his hamstring did not hold up… He was well on the field against the Bucks, but barely 50% of his capacity… And then Kyrie Irving, so good, so efficient, has been the victim ofa rather dubious gesture on the part of Giannis Antetokounmpo… Kevin Durant therefore quickly found himself alone against the future champions!

And it’s a shame because when the 3 friends were in good shape at the same time, they were particularly dangerous… On some sequences, the Big 3 even seemed unstoppable, which is quite discouraging for everyone. But do the Nets have the potential to be the best offense ever? According to Richard Jefferson, the answer is clearly « no », the fault of the Warriors.

I honestly don’t know if the Nets can be the best offense in league history. For me, the best looking sneaker ever made was the Warriors when they had Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant. He had the perfect ball movement, they had the shooters coming out of the screen… And then they could all create their shot.

Klay isn’t James Harden or Kyrie Irving, but don’t get me wrong he can kill anyone 1v1. You can’t stand in front of him without thinking that he can cross you or step back. on the head. The Warriors are still the best for me because there was movement, Brooklyn is more in isolation. The Nets aren’t as good on offense, they’re a fraction below.

Rather, the analysis of Richard Jefferson, who faced the Warriors in their prime, is based on the difference in style between the two teams. According to him, it is much more complex to defend on players in perpetual motion, and who are moreover very skilful, than on isolation specialists who alternate from one possession to another!

The Nets may be less fluid than the Warriors, but they could break many records this season. And with a title to the key, they would approach the title of best attack in history.

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